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Welcome to my sex-positive, judgement-free space. My goal is to be your guide in helping you find your most confident, erotic, sensual, and loving self. I will introduce you to a new way of approaching life that will improve your day-to-day relationships, not only with your sexual partner(s), but also with your inner self.

Regardless of where you are in your life's journey, whatever the challenges you're facing or experiences you want to have, you don't have to do it alone. I am ready to walk that path with expression of erotic embodiment!

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Using my education and experience, we'll explore a multitude of topics and modalities-specifically tailored for you-and designed to improve your life through a greater sense of acceptance, improved communication, and trust.


Together, we'll discover new ways to experience amazing sex and intimacy while creating a life that maximizes your happiness through building joyous relationships.

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I believe the healthiest and most nourishing relationships must honor and embrace our erotic natures. We are all individuals, with unique bodies, emotions, and psychological temperaments.




Naughty in l.a. & Naughty cruise
l.a. sept 30th-oct 3rd 2017

Cruise oct 4th-7th 2017

I am tingling with excitement to again present lots of hands on pleasure playshops for your enjoyment. So don't waste any more time and join in on the excitement! 

dragonfly's erotic desire
feb 24th - mar 1st 2018

Want to experience the beauty of Desire with the sexiest group of people in the Pure Orgasmic Love tribe? Join Dragonfly & E in this sensual erotic embodied experience. 


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