Breasts, Boobs, Bazooms

Here at Pure Orgasmic Love™ we are big fans of the boobies. Big and small we like them all. 51.9% of the worlds population have them and a large percentage of the rest of us like to look at them. Like a lot of things that are right in front of us, many people don’t understand how complex the human breast is and how to care for them. In this post we will uncover the breast and show all of you how great they are and how to keep them healthy.

So what are breasts? They are a functional part of the female body. Like all mammals humans produce milk to feed our young. The big difference with humans is the fact that we are the only species with permanently plump breasts. Other mammals fill their chest only when lactating and the rest of the time are fairly flat chested. Why are we different? That is another post, so look for “The Evolution of Boobs

The human breast is made up of a collection of different materials. The milk is produced in structures called lobules and then travels to the nipple via ducts. The connective tissues give the breast shape and the amount of fatty tissue is what determines the size. The nerves are what give you the sensation of touch. Also found in the collection is blood vessels as well as lymph nodes. As you can see there is a lot going on inside the female chest. This complexity is why you need to make sure you are taking care of the twins. 

The development starts while still in the womb. Before a female body is born it has already thickened the area called the mammary ridge. By birth the nipples and beginnings of the milk ducts have formed. The next major changes happen at puberty. These are the changes that everyone thinks of when they think about breast development. The first changes happen when the ovaries start to produce more estrogen. This causes the fat in the connective tissues to expand and the breasts begin to grow. The first signs are what are refereed to as buds. The growth of this area behind the nipple will cause the nipple and areola to be pushed out. Around this time the areola will enlarge as well. The breasts continue to grow and the glands and lobules fully develop as well. The rate at which this happens and the size and shape they eventually reach varies greatly from person to person. Each pair is different and to be completely honest each individual breast is unique because no two are exactly alike. 

The next stage of development is during pregnancy. During this time the body boosts its production of progesterone and this causes the breasts to swell and form many more ducts and lobules in preparation for milk production. During this time the breasts may become tender and the nipple can be sore due to the growth of these systems. Generally by the sixth month of pregnancy the breasts are capable of milk production.

When a woman reaches menopause her hormones begin to fluctuate. With the drop in estrogen and progesterone the glands in the breasts start to shrink. Also the connective tissues become inelastic and dehydrated. This is why the breasts start to sag. This sagging is completely natural and can not be treated with hormone therapies. 

Because of the complexity as well as the myriad of changes that occur in the breast there is a long list of conditions that can happen. Breast cancer is the first one most people think of however there are many others including cysts, fibroadenomas, intraductal papillomas, and blocked milk ducts. We are not trying to scare you but we do want you to be aware that you need to take care of the boobies in order to keep them healthy.

 Because the breasts contain lymph nodes that are part of a much lager system they need to be able to move lymph fluid in and out of the breast. This means that wearing a tight fitting bra, particularly an underwire bra, for extended periods of time can restrict the flow of this fluid. This is still somewhat controversial, but new studies may show that by restricting this movement of fluid woman my increase their risk of disease. This holds true for low impact exercise as well. By increasing your heart rate and getting your blood flowing while not restricting the moment of the breasts my be beneficial in clearing out those lymph nodes. One time you will want to make sure they are supported is during vigorous exercise. The price of a good sports bra is very worth it. Without proper support breasts will bounce around and can cause damage to the internal structures. The body can usually deal with these injuries but over time they can lead to bigger issues. This is more of an issue with larger breasts, but can affect even smaller cup sizes.

Now that the breasts are developed and supported it is time for a checkup. Regular self examinations are critical for early detection of anything odd going on. We recommend at least once a month to check yourself out. This regular exam allows you to have a baseline of what everything feels like in there and you will be more like to notice any changes. If you do find something make sure to talk to you doctor because early detection can be the key to preventing something minor becoming a bigger problem. Also a regular checkup with your doctor is a good idea as well.

The human breast is complex and ever changing so take care of them so you and your partner(s) can enjoy them for years to come. 

In erotic breath, love, and hugs from my heart to your heart ~Dragonfly💜