First Trip to AAHZ


We drove towards Caliente perhaps a tad faster than we should, but there were extra perks to being there before 9 and it was getting close. We are headed to our first AAHZ party and we are both excited and a tad nervous as well. We have heard about these parties for a while but have yet to attend one.

This particular party is part of breast cancer awareness month and is being hosted in the nightclub of Caliente resort. Being a clothing optional resort we are not quite sure what we expect to see as far as outfits or lack thereof are concerned. We are dressed in some fun pink outfits and even some fun pink undergarments just in case, well to be honest Dragonfly is already in just her fun pink lingerie because as we all know she will take any opportunity to be clothed in as little as possible. SwampApe on the other hand is in his new hat with the pink pinstripes he purchased just for the occasion. We arrived right at about 8:45 and headed straight into the club. There was a bit of confusion about the extra perks so we wandered around a bit looking for info before finding a spot to hang out. 

As we settled in we took a minute to look around for the first time. We were about 15 feet from the edge of the round dance floor which was already partially full of dancers. Within the dance floor there were two short platforms with stripper poles on them, at the far end was a stage with yet another pole. Above the stage was a large screen playing a variety of music videos from bands as diverse as Dr Dre, Nine Inch Nails and everything in between. Behind us was a full bar with plenty of people keeping the bar staff busy.

If you are not familiar with AAHZ parties please let us explain what they are. They are themed party for couples and select singles that are in the Lifestyle, meaning swingers and other open minded couples. They are high energy dance parties and occur throughout the year. These parties are set up to give couples a safe and fun environment to meet other couples to play with. That being said you do not have to be a swinger to attend, however you must realize that most of the people in attendance are so keep that in mind. Interestingly enough we found that the atmosphere was much more laid back than a normal club. Everyone was very respectful of each other and their personal space unlike what you find in most dance clubs.

As we talked and waited for some friends of ours to show up we started to notice just how diverse of crowd this was. We saw mostly couples with a few apparently single people ranging in age from early twenties to we would guess late seventies. Some standing at the bar chatting and some burning up the dance floor. We saw people wearing what you expect to find in any nightclub all the way down to wearing nothing but a smile, or in one case a gentleman who spent most of the night tearing it up on the dance floor in just a pink tutu. If you are someone who gets nervous in crowds or has a fear of being judged then it would be hard to find a club setting more diverse and accepting than this. Everyone appeared to be having a good time and not much caring about what everyone else was doing.

The night moved on and the room became increasingly full of people and energy. People continued to dance and talk and as the mood would hit them, women would take turns on the poles dancing for their partners and anyone else who wanted to watch. Some with practiced skill and others who were just learning but having fun all the same. As the evening progressed and the energy flowed some of the outfits got smaller or disappeared altogether. The crowed was free to appropriately express themselves however they saw fit with whomever they felt comfortable with. There is no sexual activity allowed at the party, however as the evening turned to late night we saw people meeting and mingling and then leaving the club to the privacy of their own rooms. It was beautiful to watch.

Although we were not in attendance to find anyone to “play” with, this AAHZ party provided us with a fun safe atmosphere to dance and talk with friends as well as make new ones. We would recommend these parties for anyone who wants to let go and have a good time and especially if you are in or interested in any part of the lifestyle umbrella.


Dragonfly Love