Food Play Sexytime: Guest Post By Food and Sunshine

Kristina is the blogger behind Food and Sunshine. She is a certified rehabilitation counselor and a health & wellness coach, focused on the interplay between a positive mental health approach, holistic lifestyle, and real food diet. She joins us today to connect one of the most important contributors to mental health – sex, to her favorite topic – food.



In Pure Orgasmic Love Podcast Episode 15: Is Your Diet Screwing Up Your Screwing? Dragonfly and Swampape spoke about the impact our dietary choices have on our sex life. But what about including food as part of your sex life? Why not?! Food and sex are two of our most basic instinctual needs, so it only makes sense that we would find a way to mix them together.

Food play is any situation in which food is used in a sexually charged and erotic manner. Many couples enjoy food play as a way to ‘spice’ it up; enhancing sensuality and bringing some laughter and fun to the bedroom. Food play can range from sensually feeding each other to full-out sploshing; a form of Wet and Messy (WaM) sexual fetishism in which the arousal comes from the sensation of being covered in food or watching your partner covered in food.

Follow these tips to avoid an American Pie moment and incorporate food into your sex life safely and effectively.


Food is a great tool for enhancing our senses, especially touch. When choosing foods for sex play think about your senses: touch, smell, sight, and taste. Yes sound is a sense also, but unless you have misonophinia, there isn’t really much to consider when it comes to food play and sound. Choose foods that will enhance each of the senses, not distract from them. While sardines might be one of your favorite Paleo snacks and great for health, the smell is likely to make your partner run, not romp. Consider what the presentation, taste, and texture of the food will bring to your experience and by all means, choose foods that smell good!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with temperature, flavor, and texture. You can use a single food in different ways to play with varying textures and sensations. By using a melon cut in half you can switch between touching your partner with the rough outer skin to the cold moist inner fruit. You can trace your partner’s body with a frozen grape or drizzle them with melted chocolate and eat it off.

Be cognizant of the size and shape. A phallic shaped cucumber is going to bring a lot more to the table than a brussels sprout. If you are going to experiment with insertion (more on that below), be sure to choose foods that will not get lost and stuck in body cavities.

Food can be visually stimulating and enticing, even without touch. Show your partner what you plan to do to them later by demonstrating on an ice pop or banana. Tease them with a lollipop and let them share a lick. Seductively eat a strawberry. If you are eating a food off of your partner start by just taking a nibble or a quick lip touch and work your way to more. Get creative and have fun, they are sure to be some of the best calories you will ever taste!


While it is always important to practice safe sex, being aware of safe sex practices with food play is extra important. A woman’s vagina is a very delicate place and introducing certain foods will put a halt on sexy time, not enhance it. Take note of the below considerations to ensure a safe and pleasant food play experience.

Sugar and sex don’t mix. EVER! Sugar, especially in warm moist environments such as near and in the vagina, encourages the growth of bacteria and yeast. Introducing sugar to your partner’s genitals might seem tasty in the moment, but certainly won’t be the next day when they develop a raging yeast infection. Sources of sugar include whip cream, candy, processed treats such as chocolate syrup, champagne, honey, alcohol, and fruit.

Avoid food allergens. This seems like a no brainer, but you need to avoid any food allergens that could potentially bother yourself or your partner. Nothing interrupts food play sexy time like disaster pants or anaphylactic shock.

Be careful with spices, peppers, & strongly flavored foods. Irritants like cinnamon, cloves, menthol, and mint can enhance sensation, but they can also enhance it a little too much. Intensity can vary, so be sure to ‘taste test’ your choice of ingredient before use. Remember that the tolerance for spice and heat varies by person, so you may not want kiss your partner with a hot tamale in your mouth if they can’t handle the heat. You can also start experimenting with an irritant by diluting it and slowly increasing the concentration as you test it on various types of skin and body parts.

Best practice is to keep foods above the waist. If you choose to experiment with insertion or genital stimulation, use a condom over any food that will enter the body to reduce the risk of injury and irritation. Choose foods that are stable and wide enough to not get lost, especially with anal play. General rule: don’t use a food that you would be uncomfortable having removed by a medical professional. You just don’t know when your partner may lose their appetite.

Avoid oils. Not only do oils break down latex condoms, but they create a seal that traps irritants and bacteria. An exception to this is coconut oil, but even coconut oil breaks down latex condoms. Oils also make for messy cleanup.

Avoid sticky foods down below. Sticky = friction. Friction and sex don’t make for a good time.

Don’t use rough, fragile, or sharp foods. I don’t think this needs an explanation.

NO SUGAR BELOW THE WAIST. AT ALL. EVER. NONE. It’s that important. If you don’t remember anything else from this post, remember NO SUGAR BELOW THE WAIST.

Be careful with temperatures. If you heat something up, spot check it before pouring it all over your partner’s body. Food can cause serious burns.

There are endless opportunities for food play. Grab you partner, get creative, explore, and enjoy the experience. Engaging in any type of play activity relieves stress, increases mood, boosts creativity, and improves brain function. The best part about food play is that it doesn’t end in the bedroom…you have to clean up. So grab your partner and have round 2 in the shower!

Bon Appetit!

Kristina – Food and Sunshine

Dragonfly Love