Hair Down There

I’ve gone to a few nude events in my lifetime.  Admiring others bodies is something you can’t help but do when everyone around you is naked.  We are all born in different bodies and the diversity among all of us is entrancing.  Noticing pubic hair is another thing you cannot help but do when everyone is in their birthday suits.  It was at nude events that I first recognized that in our society today ladies favor the Brazilian wax look- the complete removal of the pubic hair.  

The bald look hasn’t always been popular, though.  I’m sure many of us can remember the old Playboy spreads of the seventies.  Bushes were in and some of the sexiest women during that time sported the look.   Why did it change, though, and what’s right for you?  

To start, let’s look at some of the different styles you can find today: 

woman hair.jpg

As you can see, there’s so many different methods.  If you were to go to a wax salon, most offer a Brazilian, a Landing Strip, or a Bikini wax.  You would think that decades ago, the bush was more favored because the razor didn’t exist.  Actually, though, the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all took their pubic hair off.  The Egyptians didn’t think pubic hair was “civilized” and would remove it through a process known as sugaring which is exactly what it sounds like- removing hair through melted sugar.  Sugaring is actually becoming popular again and if you called your local salon, you would be able to give it a try. Ancient Turkey made creams similar to Nair to remove their body hair. The Greeks, on the other hand, would pluck their hair and even go as far as burning it off. Talk about some serious dedication.  

The bush regained popularity, but it wasn’t long until removing hair came back in style.  This time it was because of the war.  World War 2 caused a shortage in Nylons so Gillette invented the razor.  Not long after that, the bikini was invented so women started shaving their underarms, legs, and now their bikini lines.  If there was hair, it couldn’t be seen at the beach.  

As America saw all over the country after the war, the sixties and seventies wanted to protest and this meant with their pubic hair, too!  The bush was back in full swing.  Women wanted to be free and that meant their hair, too.  It honestly wasn’t until the late eighties that removing everything became popular with the Brazilian wax.  You can thank the J Sister Salon for that one and it was all because she saw someone’s hair peeking out from their thong bathing suit at the beach.  Celebrities made it into a fad, and it’s been popular ever since.  

Some researches believe that the desire for absence of hair in women is actually based in science. Since biologically men grow more hair than women, the appearance of less hair is seen as more feminine.  Primitively, it’s just another indicator of a potential mating partner.  Some men simply enjoy less hair because it is vastly different than their own.  

Others thought pubic hair was too erotic.  Many painters refused to paint their women with pubic hair not because women did not have it, but because they believed that by adding hair the painting became too sexually charged.  In the 1800’s, Francisco De Goya painted a woman with pubic hair for the Spanish Prime Minister who then kept it in a special room out of sight for only his viewing.  The appearance of pubic hair made it similar to how we view porn.  Goya was even questioned by the Spanish Inquisition for this work.  

Some people think pubic hair is sexually charged because they believe sex pheromones are emitted from pubic hair. Essentially the hair acts as a scent collector for arousal in attracting a partner when our bodies emit the pheromones, the pubic hair on its own does not produce the pheromones. Pubic hair is also the female body’s sign to men saying that they are of age to reproduce and have children.  

Some women have begun to question the bare fad because of it’s resemblance to young girls before they have hit puberty.  Lots of ladies have opted for the bush because it’s natural and a result of “becoming a woman.”   Also shaving and waxing is troublesome to those with sensitive skin.  Waxing can lead to more razor bumps and ingrown hairs which are frustrating for many.  Not to mention the monetary upkeep of the full Brazilian look.  Waxes are not cheap and razor blades add up.  

We believe that whatever empowers you is what you should go with.  Some ladies like feeling all smooth everywhere, and others love to let it grow.  Some people make interesting designs and some even dye their hair a different color.  What’s important is that you choose what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.  Pubic hair like the hair on your head, is about what makes you feel confident and sexy.  

As for me, for most of my life I would remove everything.  One day, though, I let it grow a little longer and a lover of mine had pulled on my hair during sex.  I realized that the sensation was pleasurable and even talking about it now makes me feel aroused.  For me,  my hair is about what it offers me sensually.    I've talked to other women since then who admit to having similar experiences.  

Whatever the case may be, I encourage you to find something that works for you.  Maybe you’ll like the sensory pleasure hair brings.  Maybe you like the way lube and oil feels on shaved skin.  Fads as you now know change and go.  What’s “in” right now will eventually fade and something new will take it’s spot.  So choose what feels great for you.  Great sex begins with feeling good in our own skin.  If hair is best for you or not is up to you to decide.  We love it all!