Remember to Love


We all know that the world can be a dark and scary place from time to time. Darkness can creep in from the inside out or as the recent events around the world have proven to us again it can smack you in the face from what feels like nowhere. When things like a terrorist attack happen and innocent people are killed and families are torn apart it is easy to slip into a dark view of the world. For us it makes us want to close ourselves off and hide. However this is not the solution. The answer is the same answer that has been taught for centuries, LOVE.

Love equals light. Light is the only thing that can defend you from the darkness. If you walk into a dark room, you don’t confront the dark by bringing more darkness with you. You bring the light, even the little LED one on your phone is powerful enough to light your path. This is true of emotional darkness as well, it doesn’t take many positive people to bring up the mood of a room. We have probably all been in that situation when the room is down and feeling kinda dark, and one person starts telling jokes and funny stories, and soon others join in until almost everyone is smiling. That person brought light to the room, it started as a single point and it spread. We should all strive to be that light.

For most of us this means making a conscious effort to be positive and kind. We believe that at the core we are all kind, but we tend to get caught up in our own drama and we start to miss opportunities to help others. It’s not that we don’t care or that we want to be rude its just that we have so much going on that we have blinders on to others around us. Remember that you never know when a simple smile could change someones day. Making an effort to be more positive and kind is not a large project, in fact it is just making small decisions throughout the day. For instance, you may be at work and your coworkers are starting to complain about something, make the effort to change the subject. Bring up something funny or a movie you love. Many times this will steer the conversation in a more positive direction. You don’t need to point out what you are doing or the fact that they are being negative, just be positive and see what happens.

Here are some other ideas to bring more light to your life and to those around you.

  • Smile
  • Hold the door for strangers
  • bring in extra carts from the grocery store parking lot
  • pick up litter while on a walk
  • let people in front of you in traffic or line
  • call family or friends you don’t see often
  • go for a long walk with someone you love
  • talk to strangers for no particular reason

These are some simple things that we can do any time to not only help others but also raise our own mood. It is a fact that the more giving and kind you are the happier you are, just remember that you are being kind for the sake of being kind not to get something back. As soon as you expect something in return you have lost the preciousness of the gift and it won’t feel the same. We all know the true joy that comes from giving a gift simply because you want to make someone else happy. So give the gift of your smile and your simple acts of kindness, these gifts are for you as much as the recipient so give them generously.

If you are looking to do something bigger, look up local peace organizations or even find a national or international organization that you feel is spreading love and light. Here is a link to a page of peace organizations. Find one you feel a connection with and see what you can do to help.

We could all use more light in our lives and we whole heartedly believe that the only way to bring in more light is to give off as much as you can. Be as bright as you can stand and watch those around you glow in response. Thank you very much for being a part of our love tribe and helping to spread the love. We appreciate you and your light.


Dragonfly Love