Role-Play definition of role play is:

1. A method of instruction or psychotherapy aimed at changing attitudes and behavior at which participants act out designated roles relevant to real life situations. 2. The modifying of a person’s behavior to accord with a desired personal image or as to impress others or conform to a particular environment. definition of role-play is:

1. Bedroom practice in which partners dress up and pretend to be someone else for sexual satisfaction. 2. Pretending to be a made up character.

Dragonfly’s definition of role-play is:

1. Dressing up, acting in a different manner, and taking on a character or persona differently than your daily “who you are” self.

I feel it is very healthy to “role-play” especially a long-term relationship, as long as you are mature consenting humans enjoying it! That NRE (New Relationship Energy) that comes from role-play that may be sparked from you emailing each other, you calling yourself by the first letter of your name, you still being you but acting like you have never met before, could be some amazing NRE! You could carry that on as long as you would like and take it in as many ways as you would like at anytime. Without the worry of “cheating” because it’s you and your partner doing it together. Sounds like some awesome sparks that everyone needs in their relationship at some point!

There are so many examples of Role-Play that they would fill pages and pages… I will give you some examples of basic ideas, to some that you will want to tread lightly with or may never want to try ever. That way you can use your imagination in what you think you would want to try or what would work at your communication level with your current partner. Remember communication is key in everything, so make sure that your communication is flowing before you spring this “amazing role play idea” on him or her.

Examples: Sounds GREAT, tread lightly, maybe not, or hell NO! you decide…

Doctor/Nurse – Patient

Repair/Service man/woman

Maid, Secretary, Gardener, Pool boy


Stripper/Escort – Client


Super Hero/Super Villain

Fantasy Animals

BDSM- bondage, domination, & sado masochistic

School girl

Teacher/Coach – Student

Slave – Master

Rape/Against your will 

I will say, I am not endorsing any of the “Role-Play” scenarios, that is solely on you and what you feel comfortable with between you and your partner. Communication, as I will say again, is key and without consent of both participants you should not try any situation.

So now you have some ideas and are ready to spice it up, communicate and have an amazing time!


Dragonfly Love