Sex Toys

What lurks in that box beneath your bed or in your closet? If you’re like many healthy adults you may have something that vibrates and makes sexy time more fun. Sex toys are no longer taboo and you can find them everywhere. They are sold at the mall, in regular magazines and online. You will also see them referenced in popular media more than ever before. As the veil lifted the variety of toys you can get skyrocketed. So what does this mean for your relationship? If your sex life is in a bit of a rut it could mean a lot. I could mean that the spark you have been missing is just around the corner.

For most of its history the sex toy has been used as a masturbatory implement. In fact wooden and stone dildos date back to before the ancient Egyptians. They were described in many different cultures as tools for when your man was away from home. So they were being used as a replacement penis. The next big evolution was in the 1800’s with the invention of the vibrator. The first vibrators were actually developed and used by doctors as a way of relieving “hysteria” in women. What they called hysteria was actually just a severe lack of orgasms. Over the years the designs and materials have gotten much better and now more convenient.

In today’s society more and more people are realizing how much fun it is to share your favorite toys with your partner. This can be very informative for both parties. If sex toys are not a part of your sexy time together then we suggest you try them. Perhaps one of you has a toy you only use when masturbating. Try bringing it out in front of your partner. Perhaps at first they just watch you pleasure yourself. Most men and many women are very visual and watching your partner masturbate can be a huge turn on. Also mutual masturbation is a great way to learn what each other likes. So enjoy the show but also pay attention and learn something.

The next step would be to use toys on each other. If this is new to you start of easy and work your way into it. This can be revealing as well, because your partner may do something with your toy on you, that you never thought to try. At this point we would like to remind everyone that some toys are made of hard materials like plastic, glass, or metal. The body parts you are using them on are very soft and sensitive so please be gentle. If you are on the receiving end make sure to guide your partner to what you enjoy so that everyone has a good time.

Perhaps you are not new to sex toys and you have a couple standbys that you always use. Maybe you have even shared them with your partner. Then it may be time to try something new. If you have only had traditional vibrators, maybe try a dildo. If you have dildos, maybe experiment with a power wand. Although a wand is a type of vibrator, the experience can be very different. Power is the main difference. Both cordless and corded models will produce a much more intense vibration than their smaller counterparts. These are a great option when playing with a partner because the vibration is enough to be felt by a man while he is inside you which can be very pleasurable. Also the head on a wand is big enough to be simultaneously experienced by two women.

One genre of play things that is growing quickly is toys designed for men. For years men just relied on their hand to take care of themselves when they felt the need. Not anymore. More and more products are becoming available that are designed specifically for men. These can be as simple as a silicone sleeve or as complex as mechanical assisted digital masturbator. Although many of these toys are designed as masturbation tools, they can be used with a partner as well. Just like toys for the ladies they will feel very different in the hands of someone else rather than in your own.

Now that sex toys are out of the closet so to speak, there is no better time to experiment in the bedroom, or any other room you want to play in. If you have not experimented with sex toys or you have only played with a few it may be time to broaden your horizons. Try something new with your partner and you can thank us later.

Hugs~ Dragonfly 

Dragonfly Love