Sexual Arousal & Disgust

It should be fairly obvious that if you look, smell and act disgusting people will not be attracted to you. So you would think that this would be a non topic without research needed, It’s not! So Dr. Diana Fleischman dove right in and did some awesome research on the actual biological reaction to disgust and arousal. Which sex is affected more by disgust? How is a woman’s sexual response influenced by disgust? She produced data that isn’t that hard to believe, since we all know boys have always been more disgusting than girls! Hehe.

In the study Dr. Fleischman used a tool called a Vaginal Plethysgraph, which uses shots of light to measure blood flow to the vaginal canal to detect how aroused the female is. The less light that returns back means the more aroused she is with the most blood flow to that area. Which blood flow to the sex organs is the first step needed for arousal. Dr. Fleischman found that when shown a disgusting picture before showing a sexual picture, not only did it slow down the rate at which she was aroused but it also took a lot longer to become slightly aroused. When shown the sexual picture only, the vaginal canal became aroused a lot faster and was very aroused in a shorter period of time, with very little light to come back.

Now when it came time for men to be shown the same pictures of disgusting and sexual pictures. They were not over all effected in a negative manner with their sexual arousal like females were.

OK are you really surprised?? Back to my statement above, “we all know boys have always been more disgusting than girls!”

It’s true! Men are less disgust sensitive when aroused and are more likely to do more disgusting things when turned on. Men also do things that are more disgusting that they don’t realize. Dirty fingernails, smell, clothes with stains on them, ears that display nasty wax to name a few. Some men know and don’t care, thinking it doesn’t matter and some just don’t realize they do it and it matters. So I am telling you IT MATTERS!! Why? You ask.

Women are assessing you subconsciously and consciously within the first 15 minutes of meeting you, subconscious as to which you not only will be a good sexual partner for reproducing children, but also if this person will be a potential at risk partner for STD/STI transmission.

For women they are at a higher level of disease burden and risk than men, females are built different than males. If a man gets Chlamydia or Gonorrhea he is not going to get PID- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. 20-30% of untreated women who get PID become sterile. Which goes to a deeper level, if this person is a sexual at risk partner and they do give me something it could cause major issues for me, and I won’t be able to have children at a later date.

Not saying that all men with poor hygiene, smell unpleasant and wear stained cloths have STD/STI, but your subconscious brain is waving a RED flag saying he may, watch out they may not be the best reproductive partner! Yes, all that is actually happening subconsciously and consciously both at the same time not even realizing it! Crazy that our bodies do things for us to keep us out of danger even when we don’t know that they are. Now more people need to LISTEN to their conscious and that would help even more!

Guys, If you don’t know if you are one of the men that I am speaking of above, with hygiene issues… ASK someone close to you that will be honest! I’m sure you have a girlfriend or someone you can get honesty from, listen to what they say and work at fixing the hygiene bugs before it becomes a serious problem.

So take a moment and analyze yourself and make sure that you are the person you are really trying to display to the world. Cause you know when you meet that possible one, they are giving you the subconscious & conscious look over and analyzing you within 15 min. Do you want to be the potential risk or the non risk. You now know you do have some control over the Disgust factor and it can only help in the Arousal department!


Dragonfly Love