The Freedom of Bliss


We were laying by the pool talking to some friends and Dragonfly kept getting distracted.  This is not a surprise seeing how almost everyone on the deck is naked or nearly so. At one point she sits up and says “She has a really nice booty, I want to touch her booty, I’m going to ask if I can touch her booty.”  That is our definition of vacation freedom.

As you probably know, if you follow us, we just returned from an eight-day Bliss cruise. If you are not familiar with these they are open-minded lifestyle cruises that happen twice a year. The entire boat is only adults who somehow fit under the “lifestyle” banner. There were nudists, swingers, kinky, polyamorous people and some that just like vacationing with open minds (and many more). This was our first experience on a cruise like this and it was better than we had hoped. 

Everyone has their own idea of what personal freedom looks like to them. In this post we would like to talk about the freedom to be yourself sexually and how we found a little of ours on this cruise. We believe very strongly in everyone’s right to express themselves sexually in however they feel comfortable. OK back to the pool deck. In this short exchange, Dragonfly decided what she wanted and asked for it. This sounds easy but in a society that has some very mixed feelings and ideas about sex and the human body it is not always this cut and dry.

In order for a simple scene like this to play out a couple of things had to happen. One, Dragonfly had to know what she wanted and had to be willing to ask for it. Two, the other participant had to be willing to hear that request, and decide if she was willing to be touched. This gave her the permission to give consent as a “yes please” or to respond with a “no thank you”. Lucky for Dragonfly she got a “yes please” and was able to give some booty lovins.

The ability to make decisions for your own body based on your own desires is a key part what we encourage at Pure Orgasmic Love, the other side of that is to create an environment where it is ok to ask for what you want without fear of judgment. This is most important in your own relationships, particularly your intimate ones. When you can have a conversation about your desires and not be afraid of the response you are free to be you, this is what we found on the Bliss Cruise.

Like we said there were a lot of different people on this boat with many different desires, just like any other cruise. What made the difference was the freedom to have those conversations. People were willing to ask for what they wanted and in response people said, “Yes please”  or “No thank you”. The environment created on the boat was very accepting and therefore when people got a “no thank you” they didn’t take it personally, they just kept having more conversations.

We understand that this type of vacation is not for everyone and perhaps the activities that happened on board cause a big “no thank you” for you, and that is perfectly OK. We do however feel that what everyone can learn from this particular group is that if you can create an environment where it is acceptable to ask for what you desire and also the acceptance to give an honest response you will have a strong starting point for growth in your relationship, and if what we saw was any indication you will have a big smile on your face as well.


Dragonfly Love