We love Lube… why, what & when.

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We decided not only to let you know what’s available but to also give you a bit of insight into what each has as far as Pro’s & Con’s. Oh and while we were at it, we notated which is our *favorite*!

Lubrication refers to a process that occurs within 10 to 30 seconds of a woman becoming sexually aroused. Vaginal lubrication starts on the inner walls of the vagina, then makes its way downward and helps sex by allowing greater ease of movement as the sex organs rub against each other and create friction.

A little friction is good, however too much is NOT! Too much friction can cause pain with a burning or painful sensation on the shaft of the penis or in the vagina during or after sex. Thrusting = friction, friction = dryness, dryness = issues.

  • We vary from person to person on how much lubrication/wetness is produced.
  • Aging, particularly during and after menopause can change the amount of lubrication you produce. It’s very important to know this is totally natural and where artificial lube comes in very handy and more so an important necessity.
  • Anal lubes, some are considered Numbing lubes designed to dull the “pain” of anal sex; this presents a problem because anal, when done correctly, should not hurt. We don’t recommend using this for safety purposes.

Things you want to leave out of your Lube!

Glycerin, glycol, and glycerol are all humectants, meaning they draw in moisture, both from the air and from anything they come into contact with. This makes them very slippery, which is why you find them in many lubricants. However, they are also sugar derivatives, and may contribute to yeast infections and UTI’s, especially in those already prone to them. Glycerin is a byproduct of the soap making process, which boils down animal and vegetable fats, leaving us with several very undesirable by products, including glycerin.

Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl) are common preservatives in many household cosmetics, including deodorant, makeup, and many more. Some studies have shown a high amount of parabens present in breast cancer tissue biopsies. Though parabens are still legal to use in cosmetics here in the USA, several countries in the EU (European Union) have taken steps to discontinue their use. Anything with “Paraben” in it beware!!

Artificial lubricants:

Silicone Based *favorite*

Pros:  Silicone is hypoallergenic, it’s a very body-safe ingredient and cannot be absorbed into the skin. One of the best things, is its unmatched slickness and staying power. Silicone lube will not dry out, period. Plus, it will stay on in water but washes off easily with soap.

Cons:  Silicone lubricant cannot be used with a silicone toy, it will cause the material to deteriorate. It can also be tough to wash out of fabric. We highly recommend this kind of lube for anal sex.

Water Based

Pros:  While some might like the invisible slickness of silicone, others prefer water-based lube for its thick, cushion-y feel. It’s also safe to use with all toys and is generally less expensive than silicone. If it starts to dry out, water-based lube can be instantly revived with a little water or saliva, and it rinses off easily.. even without soap.

Cons:  Water-based lube will dry out eventually, so you may need to reapply (meaning you’ll go through a bottle faster). And, since it’s water-soluble, it won’t stay put for shower or bathtub sex. Remember: Keep an eye out on those drugstore brands, since a lot of them contain glycerin, which can trigger yeast infections.



Hybrid Lubes *#1 favorite

Pros:  Hybrid lubes (also known as “silk” lubes) are mostly water-based with just a small amount of silicone. In almost all hybrids, the silicone shows up in such a smaller amount that it won’t damage silicone toys, so feel free to use these with all materials. We also know a little silicone goes a long way, so these lubes give you that slippery feeling with a thicker cushion.

Cons:  While these lubes are like magic, they’re magic with a little compromise. You shouldn’t expect them to be as slippery as silicone or thick as water-based. Other than that, there’s really no downside.

Homemade Coconut Oil Lube *favorite*

Pros:  Great for massage, foreplay, and hand jobs. Oil or oil-based lubes are an easy and accessible option for “outercourse” sex.

Cons:  Keep the sexy time oil separate from the kitchen! If it’s been hanging out in your kitchen, it’s probably come into contact with unwashed hands & food bacteria. Oil will keep bacteria with it and leave you open to infection. Oil also damages latex, meaning it’s not safe for use with most condoms, dental dams, etc.

Sensitive-Skin Lubes

Pros:  Everyone’s genitals are sensitive, and that’s why we like them. But, some are more tender, dry, or prone to infection or tearing. For those folks, there are a growing number of sensitive-skin lubes that won’t sting or irritate and will provide superior cushioning. These lubes are also great for everyday use outside the bedroom, as gentle moisturizers for anyone dealing with dryness or irritation. If you’re easing back into sex after childbirth, injury, or a medical procedure, these are the way to go.

Cons:  Most of these lubes are water-based and therefore prone to the same minor flaws. Some may turn sticky and require reapplication.

Warming Lubes

Pros:  Some people really like warming lube.

Con:  Some people really don’t like warming lube.

This isn’t about pros and cons as much as personal preference. While some people find that warming lubes significantly increase their pleasure, others like Dragonfly find them uncomfortable.

Flavored Lubes

Pros:  Flavored lubes have come a long way, if you like to add a little extra sensory experience in your sex life, these are an easy and fun way to accomplish that. Lube is a great addition to oral sex of all kinds, but traditional lube can often taste, not so good. Get a good flavored one and the problem is solved.

Cons:  Some taste bad…Find the one that suits your tastes, and make sure to check and see if any of these have any type of sugars mentioned above, you don’t want any side effects of yeast infections!  Find the one that suits your tastes, Dragonfly’s favorite is Strawberry Pomegranate & SwampApe’s favorite is Pina Colada. Use Lube!!! Try it, play and have some fun sexytime! 

Hugs~ Dragonfly

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