Frequently Asked Questions:



Pleasure Playshops™ 

Do I need a partner to attend? 

Yes, this is a couples-based playshop.

What do I wear?

You can wear whatever you would like to wear. Casual comfortable is what most people wear. 

Do I have to be naked to participate?

Depending on what the content of the Pleasure Playshop™ is covering it is recommended that you become naked at some point during. We want to support you in feeling comfortable, so this can happen at your own pace or you can keep your undergarments on. 

Are other people going to touch me? 

No, this is an experience for you and your partner. 

Do I have to be engaged with other people? 

No, this is about your connection with your partner.

What do I bring with me? 

Your sexy self! We provide everything you will need to fully enjoy your experience. 

How many couples are attending? 

10 couples maximum  

How long is the Pleasure Playshop™? 

1.5-2 hours total. Please be on time, preferably 15 minutes prior to playshop time. 

* time can vary depending on the event. 

Am I going to be cold? 

Temperature varies with different locations of spaces. Provided we have access, we will turn the temperature up so you are not cold, yet different people’s bodies have their own gage on what feels best. We will do our best in making the space warmer for your overall comfort. 


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