Meet Dragonfly

Dragonfly Love is a Somatic Sexologist and Pleasure Advocate. She is a sensationist, self-pleasuring lover, and enjoys using breath, touch, and movement to connect with her inner most erotic energy. Dragonfly offers hands-on techniques to explore new ways of experiencing amazing sex and intimacy. Whether working in her “Playshop" format or in private sessions, her goal is to help you discover your most erotic, sexual, and loving self.


Meet E

E is a human primate who spends much of his time trying to balance his modern life with his primitive brain. As an Erotic Evolution and Biology Coach he presents information to help other humans look at there lives and relationships as a biological process and how to consciously evolve to make the changes they want to make.

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We are nerdy lovers that always want to know more and understand more about sexuality and sensual encounters. We hit the jackpot when our paths crossed with Dragonfly and E.
— A & D