E is a human primate who spends much of his time trying to balance his modern life with his primitive brain. After spending nearly 20 years working with and training exotic animals he has developed a unique perspective on what it takes to be a healthy organism. His life long interest in biology and evolutionary science as well as being a certified Primal Health Coach he has culminated in working with people to understand themselves at a biological level and how the last 200,000 years of evolution affects their relationships with their partners and everyone else.  As an Erotic Evolution and Biology Coach he presents information to help other humans look at there lives and relationships as a biological process and how to consciously evolve to make the changes they want to make.


On his journey he has teamed up with his wife, friend, and business partner Dragonfly. As a Somatic Trained Sexologist, Intimacy Coach, CSB, Somatica Practitioner and Pleasure Advocate she works with individuals, couples, and groups to help them deepen their erotic capacity. As a couple they present seminars and Pleasure Playshops™ around the world, providing information on sexual health and exploration.

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