Pleasure Playshops™...because it's more erotic play than work. 

I am so fortunate to be part of your erotic journey and to enhance techniques for a lifetime of healthy relationships. It fills me with love and pleasure to see all of the smiling blissful faces and juicy hugs after a Pleasure Playshop™. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Love & Hugs, Dragonfly


Pleasure Playshops™ are designed specifically for couples who are looking to connect in a deeper capacity and add some spice to the bedroom. You get to explore hands-on with your partner in this immersive experience.

Each Pleasure Playshop™ is unique depending on the event and venue. To join in on all of the pleasure your body deserves, head over to our events tab and explore what tantalizes your taste!  


**All Pleasure Playshops are guided and hands on experiential learning technique** 


I came into Dragonfly’s Sexsations class hoping to learn some new sex tips and blow off steam, but I came out with more than I bargained for - and I’m not just talking about the toy box! Her guided class helped me get in touch with my body. I don’t normally let go like that. Getting permission to experience pure pleasure is such a powerful thing, it brought tears to my eyes. I walked out of her classroom having had a spiritual experience! Now I can access that headspace at home, and share it with my lovers in turn.
— Riley Reyes
This class was fantastic. The Mrs. came 3 times in a row.
Wonderful class!! Very comfortable, informative, and orgasmic!!
Amazing class! So many new ways to touch my wife.
Dragonfly was amazing. The small intimate size of the class made it that much more enjoyable. She took her time and made sure we understood and enjoyed all aspects of the seminar. We never felt rushed. She was able to get my wife to let herself go completely. The intimacy level will be increased dramatically due to the techniques we learned from this class. Her professionalism and expertise were appreciated by us. We will definitely attend more of her seminars next year.

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