Pleasure Playshops™...because it's more erotic play than work. 

I am so fortunate to be part of your erotic journey and to enhance techniques for a lifetime of healthy relationships. It fills me with love and pleasure to see all of the smiling blissful faces and juicy hugs after a Pleasure Playshop™. I look forward to seeing you soon! 


**All Pleasure Playshops are guided and hands on experiential learning technique** 

Playshops fill up fast, we want you to experience all the pleasure so don’t delay in registering!


Arousal of the Magic Stick:

Slowly wake up your mans “neighborhood” edging his pathway to ecstasy in this focused Pleasure Playshop™ just for him! Find all his pleasure zones, it’s not just about the stroke ya know. Slide your way to areas that make him pulse and throb, taking him to the brink and back again.    

*Clothing optional. Hands on. Orgasms welcome. Personal attention with Dragonfly.*


Guided Arousal:

Have you ever been guided during a sex encounter? Sensually touching, pleasuring each of your erogenous zones with the sensation of finger tips, lips and all those soft yummy parts in-between. In this Pleasure Playshop™, you’ll discover the ebb and flow of sexual tension on your journey towards orgasm. Let me seductively lead you up and down this pleasure path into hot sex. 

 *Clothing optional. Hands on. Orgasms welcome.* 

Female Arousal of the Yummy Bits:

Oooo the beauty of the yummy bits down below… How every flower is delicate and unique. Where do you find the places that resonate with the most satisfaction? Lets explore your yummy bits on a journey to map all of those special spots that bring you the most exhilarating pleasure. What techniques stimulate and make you the most juicy? Let’s find your arousal potential using a variety of touch, pressure and tempo, among other practices. This Pleasure Playshop™ will give your partner the understanding and map to stimulate you into all your wet wildness! 

*Clothing optional. Hands on. Orgasms welcome. Personal attention with Dragonfly*



Ooo all of the sensations… “yes right there and there, with this and that”… Journey with your blindfolded partner through a guided buffet of sensations. Watch them react to every new sensation you provide. In this Pleasure Playshop™ you are using the sensation tools provided in your take home goody box to stimulate the senses as they travel further into their bliss to discover the delicious edges of soft and hard pleasure.

*Clothing optional. Hands on. Orgasms welcome. Personal attention with Dragonfly.*



Touching for Pleasure:

Touching and being touched is one of the most seductive experiences we can have. Pleasurable touch comes in many forms, which of the them enhances your arousal the most? Which combination of touch will allow your pleasure to stream throughout your whole body, increasing your blood flow and oxygenating your tissues in all your erotic places. Take a journey in this Pleasure Playshop™ and allow your hands to caress your partner and discover how different types of skillful touch invites the experience of bliss. 

*Clothing optional. Hands on. Orgasms welcome.


"See me all of me… every roll of my hips, every sensual way I move. This is me, all of me."

Allow your inner glow of true feminine expression to shine through, tap into the fullness of your beautiful erotic self expression. Is your body calling you to flow into your erotic? Come play in this sensual feminine practice allowing your body to connect to your inner most sexy. Empower your body, mind and spirt in the delights of confident movement. Join me in celebrating you!

“When we reclaim our bodies, we regain our power”. ~Dragonfly

*Women only. Sensual & sexy clothing.


Sensual Rope:

The lights dim, soft music plays, a warm woody odor fills the air, your partner softly whispers in your ear just how much they enjoy restraining you. Rope doesn’t need to be intimidating, it can be sensual and sexy too. Join E and Dragonfly as they present a hands-on Pleasure Playshop™ where you will learn some rope basics and then some erotic and sensual ways to use it to heighten your experience. If you are new to rope or have some experience, this playshop will provide a unique and exciting twist on one of our favorite bedroom accessories. This Pleasure Playshop™ is experientially based so come ready to play, oh and take some Happy Kitten Rope home to continue your explorations.

*Clothing optional. Hands on. Personal attention with E & Dragonfly*


This class was fantastic. The Mrs. came 3 times in a row.
Wonderful class!! Very comfortable, informative, and orgasmic!!
Amazing class! So many new ways to touch my wife.
Dragonfly was amazing. The small intimate size of the class made it that much more enjoyable. She took her time and made sure we understood and enjoyed all aspects of the seminar. We never felt rushed. She was able to get my wife to let herself go completely. The intimacy level will be increased dramatically due to the techniques we learned from this class. Her professionalism and expertise were appreciated by us. We will definitely attend more of her seminars next year.

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