POL22: Special Guest LeLuLove

Special guest LeLuLove is just a normal girl with a sexy sex site, as she says. A Sex Star that her lovin’s helped her come up with. She has always been very sexually open, and it’s great that she has a site as an outlet and pretty much a daily documentary of her sex life now.

She was born in South Carolina on August 1, 1987, and now lives in Tampa, Florida. Loosing her virginity much earlier than most and experimenting with a bunch of different sex partners and situations over the years, yes she’s even had sex with girls and dated them, but says we “females” are way too much work and drama!

She dealt with addiction for some years, she looked around at herself and her surroundings and realized some changes had to be made! So that’s exactly what she did, in such a positive way. Got clean with her husband B and has now been 100% clean for 5 yrs, such an amazing accomplishment! (You go on with your bad as self!)

LeLuLove is the internet’s most Interactive Sex Star, and fulfills many of peoples sexual fetishes (of all sorts), and is so very good at it!

Now that she is actually living life, instead of hiding from it in a drunken, high stupor, this is the happiest she ever been! It shows for sure, she is an amazing, intelligent, pretty, healthy and a joy to be around!

Enjoy this wonderful Pure Orgasmic Love episode with the lovely LeLuLove.