POL29: Boobies, We Love them!

Breast, Boobies, TaTa’s, Love lumps, Dinners, Fun pillows, Bazooms, Melons…. Well, you get the idea, we are talking about the two forms on a persons chest. We love them, as well as many of you, really what’s not to love. In conjunction with Breast Awareness month in October Dragonfly & SwampApe talk about a variety of things all around (hehe) to do with them. Enjoy! 


Show Notes


Urban Dictionary: Breast 

1) The softest, tastiest, most tender cut of chicken. 

2) The softest, tastiest, most tender part on a woman. 

3) Where milk comes from.

4) The best pillows you can sleep on!

5) The greatest creation known to man.

Largest natural breasts

Self Breast Exams 

Check out the blog post with more information on boobies.

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