POL34: Remember to Love

POL34: Remember to Love  We all need to love and to be loved… In light of all this worlds need for more love, Dragonfly & SwampApe want to share Remember to Love. Chatting on events, and spreading acts of love and kindness.. Enjoy w/many Hugs!


Show Notes

Events & Info:

Dragonfly’s Tribal Connections- ho is our tribe? Whats your story? She wants to know who you are. Make sure to connect with us on Social Media!

Periscope- Thursdays @8pm Est.


November contest for some Sweet Seduction! Sharing the love contest, #POLSweet when ever you share our post or you mention us on social media. Who ever shares the most wins a 30 day supply!

Holiday gift basket give away for December! A basket full of goodies..*Sign up*

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Periscope- @SarahArlen

Friday Nov13,2015

Paris- Attacks

Baghdad- Funeral Bombed

Beirut- Suicide Bombing

FB- 22yr old post, we shared her experience at the concert… Isobel Bowdery

World Peace Group- Washington Crime Study