POL50: Prop60 w/Ruckus


Do you know what is going on with Proposition 60? It is affecting millions of people and I want you to be aware of it! Find out in this special interview with Ruckus, an adult model and sex performer. Where he explains how this will not only affect him but millions of fellow performers and consumers of the industry. Really, what is the meaning for the proposition anyway… Educate yourself and Enjoy!


Show Notes:


VOTE NO ON PROP 60: This is what happens when one special interest group has access to millions of dollars to fund a political campaign. This 13-page measure is so poorly drafted it is the only initiative this year OPPOSED by the CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY and the CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTY. Even the California Libertarian Party opposes Prop 60.

The proponent wants you to believe it is about worker safety. However, Prop 60 is OPPOSED by the ONLY independent all adult film performer organization in the state, with hundreds of dues paying members. In a letter to the California Secretary of State, the President of the Adult Film Advocacy Committee Chanel Preston stated the initiative is dangerous for the health and safety of performers.

Prop 60 is also OPPOSED by many civil rights and public health organizations, including Equality California, the Transgender Law Center, AIDS Project Los Angeles, the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Prop 60 is opposed by business leaders such as the Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA).

The proponent wants you to believe this is about worker safety. But this disguises the real impact of the measure: the creation of an unprecedented LAWSUIT BONANZA that will cost taxpayers “tens of millions of dollars” and threatens the safety of performers.

The initiative creates a new private right of action authorizing the Proponent AND all 38 MILLION RESIDENTS OF CALIFORNIA to file lawsuits directly against adult film performers, on-set crew, and even cable and satellite television companies who distribute the films. Even injured performers can be sued directly- by anyone. No other worker in California can be sued this way. VOTE NO ON PROP 60


  • According to California’s nonpartisan fiscal advisor Prop 60 could cost taxpayers “TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS” each year; money that could be spent on education, health care, libraries, police and fire services.
  • The ultimate trial lawyer ballot measure, Prop 60 gives EVERY Californian the right to sue adult film performers, including LGBT performers, on-set workers, and even cable and satellite television companies. The initiative’s presumption of liability could apply to every adult film on cable television today.
  • Prop 60 could force adult film performers to publicly disclose private information, including their legal names and HOME ADDRESSES.
  • State employees will have to “review” adult films.
  • The named proponent is authorized to be “sworn in” as a state employee and he cannot be fired; only the Legislature can VOTE him out of the job.
  • Married couples who film in their own homes can be sued.

Prop 60 will cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, violate worker privacy, and even make the Proponent a state employee — paid for by taxpayers like you.

That’s why you should join performers, business leaders, the CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY and CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTY and VOTE NO ON PROP 60.


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