The most arousing sensual sex happens when your mind, heart, and your body are all connected. With a little guidance on this journey it can make all the difference for you and your partner(s).

Through experiential learning with private sessions I can provide tools to help you be more present and connected in your body, experience more pleasure, discover your authentic sexual desires, and be more embodied during intimacy and sex. Expressing your needs and desires without shame or guilt can make your sexual relationships more passionate, more fulfilling, and far more satisfying. 

I work with people in all relationship dynamics, sexual orientations and gender. I invite you to discover your most erotically fulfilled self, because everyone deserves sexual well-being and the most pleasure possible.

I offer multiple ways of connecting with me, depending on what is best for you on this journey. Everything is personalized and tailored specific to your individual sex and/or relationship needs and desires.                                                        


Event Private Sessions

During events I also offer private sessions. Private Sessions are hands-on, and are specific to your individual needs and desires. This can include but not limited to communication, sexual technique, and erotic massage exploration. These sessions are held in your private room, with a cost of $350 per couple. A limited number of appointments are available for your one on one couples experience.

~ Skype 1 hr session

~ Individual & couples 3 hr session

~ couples 3 day immersion

~ intimate home group playshops

Is your body calling you to book some time with me or to find out more?

Let's set up a 20 minute complimentary Skype chat to find out if we are a good fit to work together!

* Your privacy is my concern. I will not disclose any information about you, including the fact that we are working together. You are welcome to share anything about your experience working with me, with anyone you choose. It is your story to tell.

Note: All of my clients are legal adults (at least 18 years of age). If you are looking for youth education, please visit: