Breath into Your Erotic:

Presented by Dragonfly

We all know breathing is vital to our existence. Did you know breathing can also give you longer, stronger and even many different types of orgasms? We will look at using breath to stimulate your sexual nervous system while staying grounded. Breath into your own erotic energy while practicing with Dragonfly. 

Ask for What You Want: 

Presented by Dragonfly

Asking for what you want is hard. Where do you even start and how do you get more of what you want? That is something that is on all of our minds. Find out what it is to ask, listen, negotiate, and receive with pleasure. We could all use a little more pleasure in our lives, lets start asking for it!


Evolution of Desire:

Presented by E

We as a species have evolved a variety of desires. Have you ever wondered where those yearnings come from? Join E as he discusses the biological foundation that shapes many of our physical and intimate desires. Understanding the underlying reasons we crave certain things can help us to better understand ourselves and how to enhance our relationships with our partners.

Monkey Prostitution and Cock Blocking Bees:

Lessons on relationships and sex from the natural world. Presented by E

One night stands, strange gifts, odd shaped genitals, mate swapping, we all have a few crazy sex and relationship stories, even mother nature. E will explore the fascinating and sometimes confusing world of attraction, mating, and relationships. By looking at both human and non-human relationships he will discuss what we can learn from nature and what we may want to avoid.


Did you see a seminar that speaks to you and want to share it with your community? Please let me know. I am available and would love to come out to spread some education and love in your area.