(S)ensual (E)mbodied (M)ovement™

“When we reclaim our sensual bodies, we regain our power”. ~Dragonfly 

Dragonfly has combined her love for movement and dance to blend with her somatic education and love of enhancing pleasure for women everywhere. Creating, Sensual Embodied Movement™, to help re-wire and connect our sensual movement to what is the center of our connected pleasure.

Sensual Embodied Movement™ offers a gentle yet powerful space for embodied creativity. This practice is the female-centered, pleasure-based, multi-sensory, sensual embodiment for women. Our bodies can express so purely what our minds often cannot. S.E.M. exists to open, nourish and celebrate the feminine.

Dragonfly welcomes you on this empowering path of deepening body awareness, developing and enhancing your erotic intelligence with sensual conscious movement. Allowing your bodies movement to welcome the true goddess you were born to be, celebrating all of you!

*Please wear something that feels good to you and is easy to move your body in. Bring…your beautiful self, water for hydration and a yoga mat!

Together let’s embody the movement that your body has been waiting for.

Dates & Locations




November: No meeting