“We cannot wait to see what other playshops you have for us in the future at other events. You can count us in on everything you do!”
— W & A, MN
“Your approach to relationships and sex are a gift to so many people in this world. Please keep doing what you are doing for all of us.”
— S & A, PR
“Thank you Dragonfly for the experiance you have given us, I was not expecting that. This was so much more than we could have imagined. Your classes are not only pleasurable and sexy, but a new perspective towards connection and I learned new techniques to broaden our love life.”
— Erin & Jack, NY
“Who knew I enjoyed the combinations of so many sensations of touch, I love to be spanked!”.
— D & D, CA
“You have opened up something in both of us that we didn’t know was there and we have been married for 17 years!!”
— Tonya & Ned, VA
Dragonfly holds a space around me where I can let go of all patterns and habits not currently serving me. Delving into myself, I have found a profound love, joy, erotic pleasure, exploration, and contentment in all I am meant to experience. The good, hard, sad, happy, tears, desires, wants, kinks, turn on’s are all held respectfully. Her guidance and expertise coupled with intuition has enhanced my life to an extent I didn’t anticipate. Taking that step into self care is scary. And having a guide/ resource/ support along that path is invaluable. Thank you to her for her service and for being pure orgasmic love in more ways then words can express. Your sex positivity and joy inspires.
Living in the yummiverse💜 always.
— Adela Mello, TX

Wonderful class!! Very comfortable, informative, and orgasmic!!

We are nerdy lovers that always want to know more and understand more about sexuality and sensual encounters. We hit the jackpot when our paths crossed with Dragonfly and E.
Perhaps the most interesting and enjoyable part of our entire week was an introduction to rope play, hosted by both Dragonfly and E. We arrived as absolute neophytes to the world of rope play, but were immediately made comfortable by input from both of them. We found our first rope experience to be safe and comfortable, plus dramatically sensual and satisfying - they left us yearning for more!
— D & A

Amazing class! So many new ways to touch my wife.
This class was fantastic. The Mrs. came 3 times in a row.

Dragonfly was amazing. The small intimate size of the class made it that much more enjoyable. She took her time and made sure we understood and enjoyed all aspects of the seminar. We never felt rushed. She was able to get my wife to let herself go completely. The intimacy level will be increased dramatically due to the techniques we learned from this class. Her professionalism and expertise were appreciated by us. We will definitely attend more of her seminars next year.

With a hundred plus people in the room, I felt like I was the only one you were speaking to.
— Lissa, GA
Beautiful human being. Thank you for sharing your experiences and teaching!
Dragonfly is an excellent presenter and very informative. Can’t wait to attend more of her seminars.

I came into Dragonfly’s Sexsations class hoping to learn some new sex tips and blow off steam, but I came out with more than I bargained for - and I’m not just talking about the toy box! Her guided class helped me get in touch with my body. I don’t normally let go like that. Getting permission to experience pure pleasure is such a powerful thing, it brought tears to my eyes. I walked out of her classroom having had a spiritual experience! Now I can access that headspace at home, and share it with my lovers in turn.

You are truly amazing! Your love, light energy and playful sexiness, I want this experience over and over. Thank you for being you and offering everything you do.
— Pam & Lonnie, AZ
Absolutely awesome! Incredibly good speaker and educator. Introduced us to new fun ideas. Will go to other seminars she does in the future.

We loved meeting and listening to you in New Orleans! Your breathing techniques have really helped heighten our orgasms. Hope to see you again soon! We loved your hugs!
— M & m, tx
“We are celebrating 29yr of marriage and with your help during the Female Arousal of the Yummy Bits Playshop, I was able to have the strongest orgasm I have ever had!”
— Jill, NC

We have been in the swinging lifestyle for a long time and I have never been able to have an orgasm in a room full of people. I did it this time and it was so amazing. Thank you so much for enhancing our life!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can’t say that enough for the experience you have given us.
Steve and I found your class very educating and we appreciate what you all do to enhance our marriage and sex life!
— Lisa & Steve