The Somatic Sexual Wellness Process


My process to overall sexual wellness is not one practice. To me, it has been the combination of multiple practices that have brought me to feel a more complete sense of life wholeness. Learning this, discovering and practicing has filled my life with pleasure I never thought possible. I want to share that pleasure with you.  

The orgasmic energy that runs through your body is where we delight in the sensation, the arousal of it all.  The overall goal is pleasure filling our whole being, touching every part of every cell.  And then, in turn, being able to access that energy power and bring it out into every part of your world. 

This then affects your whole life, your overall happiness. You walk with confidence, you walk with pleasure in knowing you are and can and will have the pleasure you so desire. 

This starts deep within us, embedded are messages our bodies have experienced and believed over and over to be true. Messages that may be not true to what keeps us safe currently or that have not ever really served us, messages that were incorrectly embedded within our minds and we have been telling ourselves this for many years. 

Our nervous systems react as if this is the truth, in situations where this is not the case. We can change this.

In order for us to start on the path of this change, we have to start to unpack where it is we are stuck. Understand our past messages and how those are continuing to affect us now, here in the present. 

Reconnecting with our most precious system, our bodies. Understanding what it means to fully love all of yourself, completely, without shame and judgment, integrating heart, mind, voice, and genitals. Giving your body what it needs to function on the highest level, optimal sexual nutrition. 

What does the sexual wellness process look like?

  • Creating a Safe & Consensual space for yourself.

  • Basic positive communication skills, saying yes to you and setting healthy boundaries.

  • Connecting with your body: breath, touch, movement, sound.

  • Discovering what your true messages are.

  • Releasing past traumas, masculine/feminine hurts.

  • Your true desires, your sexual hottest turn-ons.

  • Anatomy like it was NOT taught in school.

  • Nutrition for overall optimal health, including vaginal & penis health.

  • Create and expand your orgasmic energy potential, arousal focuses not orgasm focused.

My education consists of lecture style, experiential practices and group immersion. We not only learn from one another but support one another on our path of embodied pleasure. 

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